A Field Trip to The Farmer’s Market

March 18, 2011 |  by  |  Healthy Eating

Todays assignment for my fitness journey was to research and visit a local Farmer’s Market. I found two near my house and hence began todays first field trip!

Upon first glance, I saw alot of hay on the floor. Im a stickler for cleanliness around food …in general around grocery stores and restaurants. However, I kept my eyes high and hoped for the best.

As we walked through the doors I was pleased to see a plethora of fresh vegetables everywhere. Beautiful colors of white onions, green scallions, lettuce of every shape and color, a rainbow of bell peppers, and fresh fruit everywhere.

I was not in love with the selection of fruit, but as for the selection of fresh herbs and greenery I was absolutely delighted at both the variety and price.

As we walked through the store we worked our way past the fruits and veggies and onto the assortment of nuts and spices. The spice section was amazing, every single spice you could think of was provided in varieties of whole, ground, minced, and powdered.

Fresh bread is baked and delivered daily from a local bakery in Newark. And a variety of aged cheeses, olives and cold cuts are also available in the deli.

Every cooking oil you could think of was available from seasame oil, to peanut and the ever so hard to find walnut oil. In the refrigerator in the back we found fresh home made pastas, rigatoni, stuffed raviolis and tortalinies.

In short, we loved our first visit to our local Farmers Market and will definitely be back to pick up special spices, nuts, our weekly refill of spinach leaves, herbs for fresh home made pesto and cooking oils.

I would encourage everyone to find their local farmer’s market. Not only can you get larger quantities of fresh produce at great prices, you can find many of the herbs, spices and cooking oils that are typically absent in your local grocery stores and best of all, you get the opportunity to enjoy local produce grown by your local farmers.

Somerset Farms Inc Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Market
950 US Highway 22
North Plainfield, NJ 07060

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