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March 28, 2011 |  by  |  Fitness

Drinking water used to be a once every 2 to 3 week thing for me…yes…I mean that literally.

But once I decided to work on getting healthier, drinking water was the first habit I incorporated into my daily habits. At first, I was not so successful. I would constantly forget about water all together and if I was lucky, I would get one glass down for the night was over. Then, like potty training a child, a made it a priority.

If you have kids, you know EXACTLY what Im talking about. I put myself on a time schedule. I divided a gallon of water by 16oz water bottles and determined that I would have 8 16oz bottle every 2 hours. I start at 9AM and go from there. My schedule starts early due to getting the kids to school so it goes something like this:

I start at 9AM, 11AM (I have 2: this is my gym workout time), 1PM, 3PM, 5PM, 7PM, and 9PM.

Several things happened:
1. I no longer found myself mindlessly snacking as I was always so full of water.
2. My complexion improved.
3. I went to the bathroom ALOT (at first)
4. I got headaches (which I found out later was because my body was having withdrawals from the caffeine in all of the coke I drank!)

As our household becomes more and more “Green” I have stopped using plastic water bottles and moved toward cool aluminum water bottles from LuLu Lemon!

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