Farmer’s Market Part 2

March 21, 2011 |  by  |  Healthy Eating

Ok, so today is Sunday and I promised myself that I would be sure to visit the other local Farmer’s Market in the area. Today I went to Route 28 Farmer’s Market in Middlesex, NJ.

I really liked this one! It was twice the size of the first Farmer’s Market and had larger varieties of fruit, vegetables mixed nuts, dried fruit assortments, freshly baked bread, spices and a welcome addition, a fresh fish market!

The fish ranged from fresh talapia and red snapper.

The fruit selection was not only much larger, but the fruit looked much fresher with less blemishes. And the best thing about this market was, as you walked through the aisles you would see some of the workers going through the fruits and veggies and removing blemished pieces. I loved that!

We purchased fresh strawberries…More kale and cilantro.

Here are some great pictures that I took as I perused the market place…

The spices were fairly priced at only $1.99 per bottle and there were plenty to choose from.

The one thing that my husband did not like about the market was the absence of LOCAL farm goods. Many of the fruits were from Peru and Guatemala. I, on the other hand, was not affected at all by the locality of the fruit but more pleased by the quality and quantities of the fairly priced produce.

WIth only a ten minute ride to Route 28 Farmer’s Market, I will definitely make this my weekly stop for fresh produce.

By comparison, I would shop at the other Farmer’s Market for specialty cooking oils, bulk spices, and fresh home made pastas and stuffed raviolis. If you are in the area or interested in the Farmer’s Market, you will find it here:

Route 28 Farmers Market Inc
700 Union Avenue
Middlesex, NJ 08846-1941
(732) 356-4222

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