Q&A: How Can I Work Out and Keep My Goodies?

March 26, 2011 |  by  |  Ask the Experts


I want to get in shape and take care of myself better, but I dont want to lose “my goodies”. How can I make improvements while still maintiaining the curves that make me feel attractive? –Curvy Girl

A. Hi Curvy Girl, This is a great question and I’m sure you’re not the only person wondering this same thing. Because I’m always promoting exercise and the Importance of an active lifestyle, I must remind people that it all falls under the category of loving yourself first.

After Saying that, I must let it be known that not all Exercise is intended to change our outer appearance. For Individuals that are content with their Appearance, and still want to be healthy inside. I recommend activities that are more holistic and fun, but activities that also put the muscles to work.

Some of these types of activity include:

  • Dance classes
  • roller skating
  • kick boxing classes
  • yoga
  • Group fitness classes

Activities like these will get your Heart rate up and overall muscles working, but they aren’t targeting any specific body parts like exercise equipment in a gym will. Targeted exercises will change your body’s composition, and improve problem areas, while cardio based movements like those above will work on your over all body. Overall weight loss can be stopped by simply raising the amount of calories you consume daily.

When its come to exercise without losing weight, the most important thing to remember is how everything revolves around, “calories in and calories burned”. As long as you consume more calories than you burn you will not lose weight.

Chris Fitness

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