The Basics Part 2: The Great Cabinet Clean-Out!

April 2, 2011 |  by  |  Activity Ideas, The Basics

The first rule of getting out of holes: STOP DIGGING!

This is true in all forms and fashions of behaviors including eating. The rule of thumb in regards to food in your house is – if you have it in your home eventually you or someone you love WILL eat it. Let’s agree that junk food is generally BAD for you take the fist step toward putting ourselves in position to succeed at kicking the habit. TOSS IT!

Start by getting together a few BIG black trash bags and open them wide as chances are you’ve got a loads of artery clogging, blood sugar spiking, pre-diabetes causing crap to get rid of.

We have 2 rules.

  1. 100% Out: EVERYTHING edible comes out of the cabinets and onto the counter or table.
  2. Once an item is ruled out, it’s tossed out.

The foods you’re about to toss have no nutritional value and actively take away from your health. That makes eating anything that belongs in these bags literally like eating out of a garbage bin! Yuck!

Your new motto is: “Decide. Commit. Succeed.” You can do it.

Here’s how you start:

  • Toss out ALL oils other than olive oil. Toss all margarine, solid shortening (ala Crisco) and any products made with them such as cookies or crackers.
  • Toss out any products containing partially hydrogenated oils. You’ll have to read the labels. (Check your peanut butter)
  • Toss out any product containing Trans Fat.
  • Toss out any artificial sweeteners containing saccharin or aspartame.
  • Toss out any product containing artificial coloring (still reading the labels)

Following these broad strokes will keep you safe. Also use your common sense. Is there REALLY fruit in fruit roll ups? Ever seen fruit with a shelf life that long? If a “juice drink” has to proclaim that it ACTUALLY contains REAL fruit juice, shouldn’t we be concerned about the parts that AREN’T real juice. If it doesn’t make simple sense TOSS IT.

When in doubt ask yourself:

Does this “food” come in a bag, box, or plastic package?
Can you pronounce all of those ingredients?
How far away is this food from what it used to be? (processing is the enemy)
Is this food perishable? (Just about anything good for you goes bad quickly.)

Keep this in mind: Your before and after numbers, and photos will reflect your before and after cabinets. Do you want to look like cheese puffs?

Scared? I’m sure you are a bit concerned but lets think about what there is to be afraid of. Are you going to starve? Will you lose weight walking in circles trying to find something to eat? Well maybe, but that wouldn’t be so bad 🙂

You’ll be fine! We’re going to show you how to refill those cabinets and the fridge with the real deal next. In the meanwhile take a trip to your favorite mexican restaurant and dig in.

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