From Vegetarian to Carnivore?

April 28, 2011 |  by  |  momofthree

Ok so first, I have to forgive myself. I have to make piece with the fact that I am not going to turn into a vegetarian over night and accept the fact that I was a total carnivore this weekend. It started with browsing the beef isle in the grocery store for a ribeye roast, (cause I can make the hell out a beef roast, my mom would be SO proud!) Once I found out that we were going to be doing an NBA playoff TRIPLE header on Easter Sunday, It was ALL ABOUT THE WINGS baby!!!!!!

Buffalo Wild Wings here we come! So mama did not do well this weekend AT ALL! There is the first reaction which is, disgust and anger at ones self for giving into such temptation. And then I decided to take a step back and acknowledge that, “its not a sleep over, its a cross county, back packing JOURNEY that will have its ups and downs. I tripped. Its time to pick myself up, dust myselff off and put one foot in front of the other.

The most important thing to hold onto is that It is a transition, not a one night stand. Relax, Relate, Release and enjoy the ride.

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Mother of three, Athlete & Business Woman. Lover of clean lines in everything from furniture to web design and future yogi and vegetarian in the making!
Currently enjoying the journey from "mother of three body" back to pre-pregnancy fit! No more sugar, fast food or late night binges.

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