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April 15, 2011 |  by  |  Celebrity Fitness

I remember watching the movie The Fast and the Furious and thinking how Paul Walker looked like a skinny geek in it. It was especially striking when he was on screen together with big guy Vin Diesel.

So, it was a big surprise to see him so well built in the movie Into the Blue. I think that he now has a physique that looks just right. He is not too big, but definitely has a decent amount of muscle.

Plus he’s super lean and that accentuates his proportions. In fact, I think his transformation is comparable to what Edward Norton did for American History X. But let’s get back to Paul…

How Paul Walker Build His Muscles Mass
For his movie Varsity Blues he had to put size because he was playing the role of an action guy. He started lifting weights, took creatine and got up to 205lbs / 92kg. Now if you follow a progressive overload full body workout for as long as it allows you to gain quickly and then follow it up with a split workout for a while you will get big.

[Walker looked like a skinny geek in the Fast and Furious movies compared to all the other dudes. Yeah, I know that was on purpose – he was playing the underdog.]

You can choose whether to train 1 or 2 muscle groups per day depending on how many days per week you can go to the gym and how much priority you want to put on each muscle group. This kind of workout is based on fatiguing the muscle – breaking it down a bit in fact, and letting it rest and grow a little bit bigger.

For each workout, train 1-2 muscle groups for 6-9 sets per muscle group and 9-12 total sets. In each set, do 8-12 repetitions. When you can get 12 reps on most sets of an exercise, it’s time to up the poundage next time you train.

Paul Walker’s Getting Ripped and Staying Lean
After he bulked up he went on a surf trip to El Salvador. He discovered that the extra weight was slowing him down and killing his endurance. When he came back from the trip, he was down to 180 lbs – the excess mass was gone.

He was left with just the right amount of muscle by practicing different sports. Walker is big on surfing and is also into martial arts – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai kickboxing.

He says he tries to play a sport a day – besides surfing and beating people up, he also plays basketball and volleyball and also skates. The hard contractions from surfing, kickboxing and grappling sports preserve the exact amount of muscle you need for them. Plus, the qualities developed by different sports complement each other. “It’s the best way to live,” Paul says, and I couldn’t agree more.

Paul Walker Is a big Believer in the Paleo Diet
Like many in the fitness world, Paul believes at least 75 percent of staying lean is how you eat. Well, I don’t know the exact percentage – some say 70, some say 90, whatever. The point is – your diet is key. You can’t out train a bad diet. Which means it is easier to eat the right foods and not try to compensate your excessive food consumption with exercise.

Paul Walker avoids the white grain foods – breads and sugars. He is also cautious with his salt consumption because salt tends to retain water under the skin and makes you look puffy.

Walker says he eats lots of fish and enjoys read meat. He basically follows the paleo diet – fruits, veggies, and meat while avoiding processed flour and sugar.

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