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April 21, 2011 |  by  |  Sex

So I have had this growing fascination with open relationships and open marriages. Is it possible to be married and monogamous for 40 years. Absolutely! My parents and my husbands parents have more than 60 years of a monogamous marriage between them. Question is, how much fun are they having?

Im intrigued by the thought of an open relationship. The first time it crossed my mind was one Sunday night watching Big Love. One wife pulled in the driveway after going grocery shopping, she opened up the garage to find the 2nd wife cleaning out the garage while the 3rd wife was already in the kitchen making dinner! I was AMAZED. Me, times three!!! No I have not tried it, but I say “dont knock it til you try it!” I see NOTHING wrong with that picture.

Lets move on to the real reason I wrote this article. Its not about having three wives in a house, its about having an open relationship with your partner (be it boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse). In my mind, the thought of having sex with a new person is scary but exciting all at the same time. The good part is the newness, and the scary part is the newness. And, I gotta be honest, the thought of seeing or even hearing stories of my husband have sex with another woman sometimes turns me on!

But then there is that LINE. That fine line between being turned on and the infamous jealousy that can creep in and ruin everything. So how do you avoid that? I just dont know. So I did some rearch to find out how other couples, who are actually practicing open relationships, were doing…

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  1. i am not emotionally mature enough to handle an open relationship in a marriage… we do it when we are dating although many try to fool themselves into believing otherwise… but something about marriage makes me… hmmm… possessive i guess… can’t say that i’d be all that willing to share

  2. Wow. I’m surprised that this is my own Alumni magazine and you didn’t include my husband and myself who are in an Open Marriage of 16 years. We both graduated from Howard (1996 and 1997) and we have been in the news media for many years about the subject… We are experts in the area of love, relationships and open relationships. We’ve written 14 books and 280 articles on the subject. The article was good and needs more info about open relating… do contact your alumni, Love Guru’s Carl and Kenya – find us here WOW!


    • Kenya, I can understand why you were not included in this article. You are so very arrogant and rude. Your own opinion is the only one you can see and you totally dismiss anyone who disagrees with you. When you were on Dr. Phil show, you were infuriating . Not because of your message, but because of the way you tried to take over the show, talk over everyone else , and downright laugh at what others tried to say, your flippant attitude is shameful and a rotten example to your kids.

  3. @lc: Thanks lc for commenting. There is no right or wrong opinion, just yours and we love to them! Thanks for sharing.

    @Kenya K Stevens: Kenya I am so glad you commented on the site. Definitely didnt mean to exclude you, just didnt know you were out there! I have been to your site and loved the interview with Monique. Your relationship background is amazing and we will definitely reach out to you and your husband for a follow up article!

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