Restaurants: No Menu

April 22, 2011 |  by  |  Healthy Eating

Celebrity Fitness Trainer Scott Parker is always on the road training clients, so home made meals are not a luxury that he can afford. How does he manage to eat out all of the time and manage his sleek physic?

Scott can go to any restaurant and order the most robust salad they can make. Substitute spinach leaves for romaine or ice burg lettuce, and add grilled steak or chicken. No need to look at the menu and be enticed by all of the white sauces and creamy desserts, why tempt yourself. Keep it simple. Look how you live.

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Mother of three, Athlete & Business Woman. Lover of clean lines in everything from furniture to web design and future yogi and vegetarian in the making!
Currently enjoying the journey from "mother of three body" back to pre-pregnancy fit! No more sugar, fast food or late night binges.

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