Yoga Towels: Augment your Mat and Improve your Practice

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If you’ve ever sat in on a particularly challenging yoga class you will recognize this common problem. When the sweat starts trickling it’s not uncommon for your grip to start slipping, especially in downward facing dog and other forward leaning poses. Slipping can be darn annoying especially when you are already working hard just to hang in there.

Insert the yoga towel and the game has changed. If you find yourself in a hot yoga class, or are just a heavy sweater, look around and you’ll likely notice at least a few people laying multi-colored adornments over their mats. The two best know anti-slip, sweat absorbent towels on the market are the Yogitoes Skidless yoga towel, and the Manduka eQua mat towel.

Both are lightweight, plush, and super absorbent but they approach the slipping problem in different ways.

Yogitoes Skidless Yoga Towel

Mat-Size Yogitoes SKIDLESS Yoga Towel

Yogitoes Skidless – Click image to GET YOURS

The Yogitoes towel has small silicon beads on one side which add traction between the towel and the yoga mat. The top side of the towel is absorbent and the fabric surface provides additional cushion and surface friction than a wet yoga mat.

Manduka eQua Mat Towel

Manduka eQua Mat Towel – Click image to GET YOURS

The Manduka eQua mat towel is a plush, beautiful, microfiber towel that is great for absorbing moisture and provides fantastic grip ONCE IT’S WET. Because of this, users of the eQua towel can often be seen wetting their towels before class begins in order to prepare them. The microfiber texture has a smooth suede-like feel which is nice and soft.

Both towels are machine washable and generally easy to care for. Using a yoga towel is by no means mandatory, but can have its benefits. Hot yoga practitioners or those of you like me who work up a healthy sweat finding and holding those tricky positions will definitely enjoy their use. I’d also recommend using one for sure in situations where you may be on travel and using a gym’s mat. Toss the towel in your luggage and have a nice barrier between you and any germs on the unfamiliar surface.

Do you use a yoga towel? If so which do you prefer?

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