Inspiration loves company. Eating with friends with similar goals.

May 24, 2011 |  by  |  Be Moore

When you’re trying to make a lifestyle change like committing to exercise or eating healthy it’s important to develop a support system.  What helps tremendously is to have  or join a community of friends who at least understand that you are serious about your commitment, or even better are down to make a similar commitment.

My friends aren’t all ready to commit to eating better and that’s alright.  What they ARE willing to do is respect my desire to eat better, and not try to tempt me, or belittle my effort.  That by-itself can make the difference between personal long-term success and yet another temporary effort with temporary results.

Redefine “WE”, and what “WE” do.  Take up activities that are conducive to you achieving your goals.  Let your friends know what you’re into and what you’re trying to achieve.  Before you know it you’ll be having lunches with great conversation and curiosity about ways you’re trying to improve yourself, and you’ll be inspiring each other to do better.

That’s a great place to be.

Inspiration loves company.


Me enjoying a post yoga class lunch with friends on Capitol Hill

The tuna nicoise salad looked pretty good.


I had the calamari salad. Pretty good, though I didn't expect breaded calamari.

Like i said, we don't eat perfect 🙂 Salmon grits.

This is a steak salad, but the steak is hiding under the grilled romaine

@ Matchbox on 8th St. SE Washongton, DC

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  1. Zenzele Tanya Bell via Facebook

    Most of my friends eat healthy. The ones who don’t, know better, but choose otherwise. That is perfectly okay, as they are responsible for themselves. I really haven’t had anyone discourage me from eating well in a long time.

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