Q&A: The Benefits of Hot vs. Cold Green Tea

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So I have started drinking Green Tea but I prefer brewing it then cooling it in fridge & drinking cold. Are the benefits the same with cold & hot tea??

-Submitted by Charisse


The benefits are the same for hot and cold tea. The most important part is not to use boiling (100 degrees celsius) water when preparing green tea. Boiling water would damage the “goodies”. Bring water to boil and then let it cool down to 60-80 degrees celsius (depending on the particular tea).

To speed up the cooling process, you can pour it from one pot to another one a few times.

This is a pretty good demonstration…

Additional info for you….

A bunch of youtube videos showed people microwaving water, adding cold water to boiling water… all sorts of craziness.

The way we prepared tea in the tearoom is we would brew it in a separate pot, not the one it was served in. That way we ensured the leaves didn’t stay in the water longer then 45 seconds (for Sencha).

We would make it in one pot, steep it for 45 seconds, then pour it through a bamboo strainer into another pot in which we would serve it to people. When they were done we would make a second infusion for them.

Thanks to our expert on this one, our friend Sid Bronx, tea lover and Hip-Hop aficionado. For more on the benefits of green tea check out this page on wikipedia: Green Tea

A tall glass of Iced Sencha

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