Team Building on the Metro Dash Obstacle Course in DC

July 31, 2011 |  by  |  Activity Ideas

July 9th the traveling urban obstacle course, Metro Dash, hit metro Washington, DC.

What a great opportunity to get together a few like minded gym rats and test our combined mettle. Unfortunately our 4th team member Andre couldn’t make it but in true do or die fashion the 3 man troupe took on the 4 man team challenge. I loosely say Man, because our team was of course co-ed. What self respecting team wouldn’t be?!

This is the video that gave us an idea what we were in for. It’s a full run through of the course, plus it looks like “Duke Nukem.” Very cool.

The Cargo Net. 15′ up, over, and back down the other side.

The event was overall a ton of fun. Thank goodness our heat was at the end of the day, at 6:30pm. The temperatures were in the 90’s that day, I can’t imagine running it during the afternoon. Teams showed up from local bootcamps, P90X groups, Crossfit gyms, etc. The tone and energy was very supportive, as everyone worked to put in their best performance. Participants encouraged one another to push harder and faster, and finish strong. It was fantastic, and a great activity to push any team toward working better together.

The Course:

The course was challenging, especially combined with the heat. Maurice actually took a tumble on one of the obstacles which was scary. He references it in the video, notice the giant raspberry on his forearm. It wouldn’t have been worth the trip if it wasn’t difficult.

In the end we got to see just where we are in terms of physical conditioning. The only way to really know is to hit the limit 🙂

Maybe you and your friends will join us next time.

The Finish Line: (Insert applause here)

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