Chad Hamilton on Why you HAVE to eat Kale, and One Way to Do it

August 18, 2011 |  by  |  Healthy Eating, Superfoods

As you know we have been experimenting with several interesting ways to add Kale, one of the TOP superfoods to our diet. While we’ve definitely tried some interesting ways of getting this highly nutritious green leaf into our diets (smoothies, sandwiches, etc.) we’re open to a few more contemporary recipes.

Enter Chad Hamilton, the mind behind one of our favorite neighbor blogs, Health By Hamilton. Chad was recently featured on Washington, DC’s NBC news showcasing one of his favorite recipes for kale, and talking about WHY we should all be eating more of it.

Listen up… or should I say eat up?

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  1. Chad Hamilton via Facebook

    Thank you guys. Very much.

  2. Hi Chad,
    Love your recipe and advice. Thank you for sharing the great benefits of Kale. I use it in my healthy cooking and love all the great cancer fighting qualities of this vegetable. It’s great for so many ailments.

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