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August 16, 2011 |  by  |  Be Moore, Healthy Eating

I recently had the opportunity to visit and tour one of the largest and most complete food markets in America; Giant Eagle Market District in Robinson Township, a suburban area of Pittsburgh. If you love fresh food and awesome ingredients you would absolutely LOVE this place.

Throughout the process of learning how to prepare and eat whole foods I’ve gone from only grabbing fruit in the produce isle to practically LIVING there. Seriously I should pay rent. So for me visiting a marquee store like this one in which the produce section is the size of my entire grocery store at home gave me the same feeling as some of you ladies get when visiting the LV store.

I describe this store as your local grocery store SQUARED and times 10. Here are a few reasons why:

Daycare. Scratch that. FREE daycare with computers and game consoles. Parents you are now free to roam the cabin.

Free daycare for kids makes it easy for mom and dad to spend money

Produce. Produce. Produce! Every variation of pepper, mushroom, greens, I could think of were fresh and on display. The menu at home would only be limited to your imagination. I could imagine myself creating challenge menus just to see if I could stump the market inventory.

Varieties on varieties of peppers

Mushrooms of all kinds

How many markets to YOU frequent that grow their own lettuce in the produce section?

Hydroponically grown Bibblettuce

Varieties of lean meats, including wild organic options, grass fed, free-range, you name it. This isn’t so much of a departure from your local market except that the place was spotless and the service was really excellent.

Great choices of fresh meats

Experience: Yes, this is an in-store cooking show. I didn’t get to see it in action, but there were multiple cameras I guess for recording and broadcast. Great for vendors and I’m sure the shoppers appreciate the tips and goodies.

They host an in-store cooking show for shoppers

Extras. My local deluxe markets don’t age their own cheese, have Olive Oil tastings or an elaborate wine vending machine. I grabbed a couple bottles just to see the machine work.

Does your local grocery AGE their own cheese?

Taste different varieties of olive oil

The wine vending machine is pretty cool

And if you're not up for wine, choose from their hundred+ beers

Touring at the Giant Eagle Market District was a pleasure that I would love to repeat… DAILY! LOL. Seriously though, the store is top notch compared even to my local NYC area deluxe markets (Whole Foods and Wegman’s). Once shoppers get past the hurdle of seeing the increased price of high quality food as an expense and more of an investment in long term health stores like this will be more prominent across the nation. Giant Eagle Market District is currently in 4 locations in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Find out more at Tell them Be Moore sent you.

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  1. Maleika 'Mickey' Holder via Facebook

    Love this…we have Dekalb Farmer’s Market in the A. It’s not as elaborate but does the job. I try to stop through there at least twice a month to restock.

    There’s great breads and fresh meats…but yeap…the produce beats all and the prices are magnificent. Here’s to Farmer’s Markets across the country…healthy eating at its best.

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