What are YOUR Workout Essentials? Adrienne, Angie, and Chris.

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What are the things that help you supercharge your exercise regimen?

Maybe it’s a certain type of shirt, water bottle, or music playlist that you rely on for support or motivation as you push your body to the max. We asked friends of ours from various workout backgrounds to share their essentials. See what they had to say, and maybe add something new to your repertoire!

Adrienne, Marketing Executive
Baltimore, MD

Okay so the items I can’t live without is short and sweet!

  1. The Under Armour Loose Playoff Tank — Lightweight, loose, breathable and stylish make this one amazing to run in on hot days, paired with one of our original sports bras in a fun pattern.
  2. When I want sleeves I go for the Under Armour Victory Burnout T. Same fabric and performance as the playoff tank with a deep v that adds style to my workout.
  3. The Under Armour Shatter Carpri is my go-to workout capri for every workout occasion (except when it’s time for volleyball…the only time I still wear shorts! Lol). Compression fit stabilizes muscles and rouched waistband keeps my core supported and tight.
  4. Last piece that I layer with colors is the Under Armour Women’s Rib Tank. For $20 bucks this top works hard at wicking sweat (and I sweat!!) and keeps me cool and light. Also love the length on this baby…leaves nothing I don’t want exposed.
  5. Insanity Workout & My crazy trainer that makes me write out my goals and holds me too them. And getting me through the early morning rough days… my playlists that are titled by what I need to accomplish per day (I.e. “Run Fast”, “Dig Deep” (plyo days), Relax (stretch) etc!!!! iPod Nano.

Angie, Social Worker
Washington, DC

As a new runner, these are the things that make my runs more enjoyable. That’s a shot of me before today’s run.
1. Headphones – Bose IE2 – For the longest time I resisted buying headphones that were over $20. But last year, after going through 3 pair in about 6 months, I loosened the purse strings for a pair of Bose IE2 . These were one of the best investments I’ve made. They stay in place while I’m running, and the sound is great.
2. Orthotics for my shoes – I’ve never had an arch so to avoid shin splints, heel pain and back pain I put orthotics in my shoes.
3. The Cardio Trainer app on my Iphone – It tracks distance, pace, and calories burned. It tracks all kinds of workouts not just running and will post them to facebook and twitter. And the British voice that tells you your progress is pretty cool too.
4. A good playlist – Lots of upbeat songs regardless of genre keep me going.
5. Sport armband – I like my hands free when I’m running so I just ordered a comfortable armband that doesn’t chafe my arm or catch on my clothes.

Chris, Fitness Trainer
Newark, NJ

1. Large Bottle of Ice Cold Spring Water to keep me hydrated
2. A G-Shock Digital watch for its durability and to keep me from allowing my rest periods to go over the limit I set.
3. Sneakers in line with the Activity I’m engaged in that day. 5 Finger Vibram sneakers on days that I run, and Nike high tops on weight lifting days, for ankle support.
4. Post Workout Met-Rx Protein shake to feed and preserve my lean Muscle Mass.
5. A Lucky T-shirt or Tank top…… When you look good you feel Good. When you feel Good its easier to give all of yourself to your workout.

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