What are Your Workout Essentials? Jaimi, Scott, and Samantha.

August 3, 2011 |  by  |  Products

What are the things that help you supercharge your exercise regimen?

Maybe it’s a certain type of shirt, water bottle, or music playlist that you rely on for support or motivation as you push your body to the max. We asked friends of ours from various workout backgrounds to share their essentials. See what they had to say, and maybe add something new to your repertoire!

Jaimi, Web & Print Designer
Piscataway, NJ

1. Under Armour tees. I prefer the Under Armour CHARGED Cotton Semi-Fitted heat gear. The colors have alot of energy without being “hokie”, the fit is perfect, fitted but not showing all your rolls! The shirt is tagless, no bothersome tags on your neck. The feel is SO soft, my husband rubs my shirt all the time because its so soft. And the best part is the wear. Ive washed this shirt at least 12 times and the color is still the same as the day I bought it in the store.
2. The pants. Also under Armour. You see they are still black, I got these over a year ago. They are still black as the day I got them and they fit perfect!
3. Nike trainers. Love my shoes, they are comfortable and cute, period. Thats all I need out of a shoe.

Samantha, Crossfit Trainer
Miami, FL

My favorite shorts to use while working out are the womens Nike Pro compression shorts. While working out I’m always moving so fast and doing a variety of movements in one workout. The Nike Pro shorts allow me to feel comfortable and I feel like there is less weight on me. In Miami it gets so hot, and at my CrossFit gym there is not air conditioning. Too many clothing items makes me feel overwhelmed. I don’t use headphones, or even gloves . It’s just a tank, my shorts, my sneakers and me. Getting as much done, as quickly as possible .

Scott, Fitness Trainer
Los Angeles, CA

1. My water: Obvious reasons
2. Music playlist: Gotta have my beats> Instant motivation. #crunkjuice
3. A Plan: I don’t just roll up in the gym and wing it. I have an exact plan of attack every day
4. Game face: I go in focused, determined, and full of bad intentions…for the fat that is. Mental is as important as physical
5. Post workout meal: I have to already have prepared or have an exact idea of what i’m going to eat when I leave. If you don’t do that, you will end up in the drive thru building fried chicken muscles.

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