Success Stories: Nicholas Henderson Dropped 47 pounds. Here’s How.

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Before / After Stats

When is “Before”: Between June 2001 and January 2011
Age: 31
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 256.5 lb. (Dec. 2010) / I was 209 lb. today (Sept. 2011)

Occupation: entrepreneur
Hometown: Dallas, TX

I was just repulsed by the way I looked and felt… I knew I had to make a change.

Where are you from, and what do you do?

I am from Richardson Texas just north of Dallas. I’ve stayed close to home because I like it here, and I’m close with my family. I went to University of Texas at Dallas and studied Econ / Finance, and now I’m the VP of sales for a franchise of a small payroll / HR / benefits administration company. I also have a small investment business with my father.

What was your average day like “BEFORE?”

My lifestyle was very sedentary and lazy. I was eating terrible foods in large quantities. I was drinking alcohol frequently and in large quantities. My relationship with food was almost like a lust. I would only look at food and drink as an avenue to satisfy an urge to feel good. The problem with that model is that I was only thinking about the short term pleasure from the flavors of the terrible things i liked. It ended there for me. There were zero thoughts of what they were doing to the rest of my body. The foods and drinks I was so “horny” for were poisoning my body even as I was enjoying every minute of consuming them. It was and is a disastrous recipe that led me on a trajectory of obesity, irritability, fatigue, depression, laziness, and an overall dissatisfaction with myself on every level. How did i get there…?

When i was in college i was very active in intramural sports, working out, and I was in great shape. I was barely 20 years old, and thought i was invincible. I was eating and drinking pretty much anything i wanted and at any time. My metabolism was like a bulldozer, and it seemed like I could eat anything and my body composition remained consistent. I had six pack abs, defined arms and back. My legs were very strong. I was quick and agile.

Then on June 2, 2001 I was involved in a devastating car accident. I was t-boned in an intersection, my ford explorer rolled over twice and came to rest wrapped around the light pole. After being care flighted to the hospital, I regained consciousness in several hours. I had 4 herniated disks in my back and neck, a broken zygomatic arch (cheekbone), broken arm, fractured right femur, and a torn right quadricep. The next 15 months i spent healing, but i was forced to wear a cervical collar (neck brace), and limit standing or moving to less than an hour or two each day. That was the start to my downfall. I continued to eat the same way I did when i was on the move, only now my body was focused on healing. I began to notice minor changes over time and when I went to work I began to eat lunches out every day consisting of pasta, enchiladas’, burgers, fried foods, and after work, I’d go for drinks with colleagues a few nights a week. Then after years of this being my standard, i turned 30 and i was disgusted with myself.

What made you want to lose weight? What were the feelings and factors that drove you?

I was just repulsed by the way i looked and felt. I was so undisciplined, but it was finally enough. I knew i had to make a change.

What did you do, eat, etc differently?

A close friend of mine was a regular attendee to the local Crossfit box, and i had visited a few times, but never consistently. I heard that they were conducting a 45 day paleo challenge. I decided to make the commitment and take part in both the eating and working out for the suggested time. It started February 1st, and i have been eating paleo ever since religiously and working out at the box 5 days a week since then. I’ve lost nearly 50 lbs. and 8 inches in my waist. I have gained strength also, and i plan to continue on this trajectory forever.

What advice would you give to people who want to make a change in their lives like yours?

  • Start with attainable short term goals. (ie I will eat paleo 100% this week, and I will do 5 WOD’s this week) then build on them once attained.
  • Keep a food log of everything you eat and show it to someone who is were you want to be.
  • Focus on health and wellness. Eating nutrient dense foods and getting good sleep should be first priority.
  • Don’t give up if you slip up. Slip up doesn’t equal total failure.
  • Your age is just a number. Anyone can do a crossfit WOD, and everyone can choose what they feed their body. (my 61 year old father started paleo and crossfit the same day i did, and he’s still going and looking and feeling great too)

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