What are YOUR Workout Essentials? Shannyn, Be, and Deanna

September 4, 2011 |  by  |  Products

What are the things that help you supercharge your exercise regimen? Maybe it’s a certain type of shirt, water bottle, or music playlist that you rely on for support or motivation as you push your body to the max.

We asked friends of ours from various workout backgrounds to share their essentials. See what they had to say, and maybe add something new to your repertoire!

Shannyn, Sales Executive / Volleyball player
Pittsburgh, PA

1. Brooks Shoes not all that cute but without hesitation the best shoes I have ever had and certainly necessary!
2. IPOD with the Bose IE2 Audio earphones… Can’t make it a block without it, can run for miles with it!
3. Under Armour heatgear Capri tights / – Great fit and 85% Nylon/ 15% Elastane so they breath while you run.

Be Moore, Entrepreneur / Foodie
New York, NY

My exercise activities vary along a very wide range; weight training, sprinting, hiking, biking and more. As a result, I use few items with consistency.

When I’m in the gym however, performing an odd variety of exercises that make me appear a complete oddball (try performing spidey crawls or pull throughs on a commercial gym floor) I prefer the convenience of these key items:

  1. A blender bottle. The spring ball inside works perfectly to agitate and fully mix whatever healthy concoction of choice I may be drinking that day.
  2. Batting Gloves: With all the sweat and touching of things in the gym I’ve become a bit of a germaphobe. I prefer a full handed glove to the fingerless type or bare hands.
  3. Otterbox Defender iphone case: I use my phone to time portions of my workout, and of course for music. This phone case includes a belt clip that allows me to stow the phone neatly out of the way. As well the 2 protective casings and screen protector that make up this case give me some measure or comfort as I move around with the phone attached.

Deanna, Former NFL Cheerleader
Cincinnati, OH

  1. Those dance sneakers are made by Rumpf (www.rumpf.net). A dance shoe company located overseas. Their sizes are a bit crazy and it takes a while to come in, so I suggest that if people are interested that they try american manufacturers/distributers – Capezio (www.capezio.com) or Bloch (www.blochworld.com). You can usually get them at your local dance supply store.
  2. Secondly, this water bottle is AWESOME!! I got it as an impulse buy from target as I was on my way to a kickboxing class. Left it out in the car in the hot baking sun and came back almost 3 hours later and it was STILL COLD! So when I lookd it up, here’s why:
  • Thermos® double wall vacuum insulation for maximum temperature retention
  • Unbreakable stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Hygienic push button lid with pop-up straw
  • Sweat-proof design won’t leave water rings
  • Fits most automotive cup holders
  • Keeps contents cold for 12 hours
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