Today’s Motivation. The Power of Positive Reinforcement.

October 26, 2011 |  by  |  Activity Ideas

Have you ever worked to teach a new cuddly-wuddly puppy how to sit? When you do what you will find is that it basically takes consistent bribery. Getting Spot to start really tuning in to what your are saying (remember they don’t speak our language), recognize you as an authority (why should I listen to you anyway?) and actually respond as directed is directly tied to the fact that you have bacon in your pockets. That’s right, consistent positive reinforcement is the key.

Well guess what my dear highly evolved socially well adjusted friends… WE ARE BUILT EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. Parents, you have all done the touchdown celebration in the bathroom in those tender days when teaching the babies to put the poopie in the potty. We did the dance and screamed out in celebration to encourage and reward good behavior.

So you want to lose weight, or improve your physique, rediscover what your feet look like without using a mirror? Be sure to put a positive reinforcement in your way. Try not to make it something that will work against the effort you’re putting in. So a banana split would be a not so good choice. Maybe DVR your favorite TV show but don’t allow yourself to watch it until AFTER you put in work in the gym 3-4 days this week.

A little reward can go a long way.

I love this commercial by the way.

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