I Run Sunday…

November 27, 2011 |  by  |  Activity Ideas, Follow the Lita

Perhaps it was a good nights sleep or the fact that the sun was shining and the outdoor temperature read 56 degrees on a mid November morning, whatever it was it sprung me right into gear and ready to take on an extremely hilly 9 mile run!

After a good stretch of the calve muscles, a swig of H20, double take on the shoelace knots I was good to hit the road.

The day was so incredibly beautiful I snapped some pictures between the huffs and puffs.

Now sharing:

The cliff edge I came from

The cliff edge I came from

In these Nike’s

In these Nike’s. Not my favorite pair but the built in hydraulics - Nike Shocks - helped me absorb some impact


My reward, a gorgeous view of the George Washington Bridge… Next time I'll cross it!


This is what exhaustion looks like & at this point the sweat beads have evaporated …but I live & love this feeling.

Call me crazy, that’s fine by me 🙂


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