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Eating for Abs is just what is sounds like. In order to reach our highest potential we have to learn to fuel our minds and bodies with the necessary fuel.

Unfortunately there is no simple on/off switch which when pulled puts and keeps us on track. Our state of being is a complex combination or emotional, cultural, and historical inputs that we tend to ignore. This exercise is our 30-day primer to start you on the path toward examining your inner workings and put you on the road toward your best you!

Answer one question a day in order by posting a photo and description on your blog, tumblr, Instagram, or twitter. Tag each post with: 1) the day number i.e. 1of30, 2of 30 etc, 2) @alumniwellness #30dayPrimer 3) #EatingForAbs.

We’ll be looking for your answers.
Trust us, it’s a big deal.


  1. Post your stats with a recent photo: Height, Weight (Age optional)
  2. Post 5 facts about you and a fun photo to match.
  3. Post one of your earliest food memories with a photo to match.
  4. Post a picture of someone with the body you would like to have. What features do you like about this person?
  5. Post a photo that represents your greatest fear concerning your health?
  6. Why do you want to live a healthier lifestyle? What is your inspiration?
  7. Who, besides yourself, will making healthy improvements in your life mean the most to?
  8. Do your friends know you’re trying to make a change? How do they feel about it? Post a photo of one of your most supportive friends.
  9. Post your regular exercise routine. Post a photo of any exercise you do regularly.
  10. Did you ever make comments about your body in a negative way? What is your problem area? (photo optional)
  11. Post a physical activity that you are most interested in and why.
  12. What is your favorite blog and why? (post a screen shot)
  13. Post a photo of what you normally eat for breakfast?
  14. Show us a vegetable you have never cooked fresh but have seen in the market.
  15. Show us your FAVORITE part of the male and female physique. Post a photo of each (keep it rated PG).
  16. Post a photo that really motivates you to action. What about it inspires you?
  17. Post a photo of your dinner tonight. What was it?
  18. What is your absolute favorite meal? How did you first come to know it? We need a photo!
  19. Before you started working on eating healthier, where were you likely to buy your “bad” foods? Photo please.
  20. Post a photo of a person you know and look up to for their healthy lifestyle choices.
  21. When you are thirsty what are you most likely to drink? Post a photo.
  22. Post a photo of you in your best shape. When was this?
  23. Post a photo of your lunch today and talk about why you chose it.
  24. Post a photo of your family. Immediate family or parents. How would you rate their overall lifestyle health?
  25. Discover the 3 body types and post which one you believe is yours.
  26. What do look forward to doing when you reach your goal weight?
  27. If you could become really good at any sport, which would you choose and why? Post a photo.
  28. Post a photo of what you ate for breakfast this morning.
  29. Post a photo of someone who embodies your definition of beauty.
  30. How do you feel today? Show us in a photo.
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