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December 1, 2011 |  by  |  Be Moore, Healthy Eating, Success Stories

Let me start by saying, I am NOT a bodybuilder.

I’m not a professional athlete. I don’t have a personal chef, driver, or a maid. I’m an everyday guy like most. The photos I’ve included here are not to display any great muscle prowess. They actually include equal parts embarrassment and pride for me.

About a year ago I had what I like to refer to as a Jerry McGuire moment. You know the scene. The sleepless mega sports agent experiences a moment of awakening and spends the entire night writing a manifesto on reforming the business. He suggests in his document that the business is too money centered and needs to include fewer clients (future ref. “hitting reverse”) and more personal investment. In other words it was time for a drastic departure from the norm.

Unlike the Tom Cruise character I didn’t make a midnight run to Kinko’s and burn my peers a copy. Instead I called a close friend and told him what I was feeling. We recorded and turned that conversation into in article which I then emailed to EVERY contact in my book. It was called “Dead Man Walking.”

I talked about how ensensed I was by what seemed to be my inevitable fate; that I would manage some major health issue with long term medication, losing some physical freedoms before my demise. Why? It was evidenced, looking at my family history and local examples, in my case that is just the way things are. From diabetes to stroke, high cholesterol, to cancer, these elements are just the given obstacles and normal parts of life.

I couldn’t accept this as my reality. It became my mission to change my lifestyle, primarily through diet, in order to affect major change. I learned to source better ingredients, picked up techniques and tools and anything that could help me to redefine “What food is.”

Less than a year later I’m proud to share my progress report:
Weight Loss: 19 lbs
Body Fat Loss: Over 6%

Can’t stop, won’t stop. Get it, get it!
#EatingForAbs #Push

“It all adds up to more smiling in the mirror.”

More smiles

Special thanks to Andre Fraser, Chris Fitness, Jaimi Smith, Light Watkins, Maurice Dolberry & Scott Parker. Thank you for supporting my awakening and growth. Live long and prosper.

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Certified Nutrition Coach. Writer. Cook. Meditator. Marketer. Purveyor of effective workouts. Translator of a future that includes more personal happiness and fulfillment.
#eatingforabs #push

My goal is to eat the most nutrition dense food possible within a busy schedule and then teach YOU how to do it too.


  1. That is great work. Inspirational, guess I need to give up the jelly beans and get serious.

  2. Great job! You’re a great inspiration!

  3. Great post and great job in leading by example.

  4. Encouraged! Doing my “before” picts tonight!

  5. Be,

    I have been so inspired by your journey and your transformation. I have started making more healthy choices about my diet and exercising regularly. Please help is by now giving us “step-by-step” instructions on your journey. From cleaning out the pantry and fridge to shopping for healthy options and making healthy choices on the run.

    Help me! I really want tone able to tell a story like yours next December!

    Thanks for all you’re doing!

    Chiquita Dent

    • Chiquita, I am locked in the house this week and weekend doing JUST THAT 🙂 You can do it. Just be sure to record where you are NOW so you can look back and congratulate yourself!


  6. Be,

    What is amazing about your transformation is that your face looks so much younger and you just look a lot more healthy and fit. I can imagine how your vital sign have changed from last year to now.

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