What are YOUR Workout Essentials? Rustin, Krishna, and Maurice

December 6, 2011 |  by  |  Healthy Eating

What are the things that help you supercharge your exercise regimen?

Maybe it’s a certain type of shirt, water bottle, or music playlist that you rely on for support or motivation as you push your body to the max. We asked friends of ours from various workout backgrounds to share their essentials. See what they had to say, and maybe add something new to your repertoire!

Rustin, Photographer
Atlanta, GA


  1. Under Armor sweat wicking shirt – I used to wear regular T Shirts and cut the arms off for ventilation but after a hard workout including cardio, cotton really does carry a lot of weight. These Under Armor shirts stretch to give me unrestricted movement, they feel weightless and dry much faster than traditional Tshirts.
  2. Nike Basketball shorts
  3. Nike Free TR (http://www.rounduprussy.com/2010/11/free-at-last-nike-free-tr-product-review/) – These shoes were my first introduction to simulated barefoot running. The soles were constructed in several sections which allow a fluid motion of the foot instead of just Heel- Toe, Heel-Toe movements. They definitely take some getting used to as they work out your calves and shins more but after you get done breaking them in, they are truly comfortable.
  4. Wrist wrap for right wrist- I was Kickboxing for about 6 months and one day, I realized I sprained my wrist. Being the “suck it up” guy I am, I kept kickboxing with it and i dont think it ever healed right. Once and awhile, it gets a little weak when I do exercises that place my body weight on it like dips or heavy butterflies.
  5. Football style workout gloves to prevent weight slip- After years of using fingerless gloves, I tried out football receiver gloves after my last pair of weight gloves wore out. I really dont think they offer any more grip. I think it is more a mental barrier against gym germs.
  6. Ipod and Skullcandy headphones
  7. A good playlist

Krishna, Designer
Alexandria, VA


Workout with the GymBoss Interval Timer and a jump rope every day. Currently, I’m outfitted with Puma CrossTrainers, Puma T and Nike Capris. I have to take an Alavert before I exercise to prevent exercise-induced anaphylaxis. Yep, I’m actually allergic to exercise! Without an antihistamine my body goes into shock — hives, shortness of breath, throat swell. Go figure. My favorite exercise equipment is a VersaClimber (when I can find one), a rower, the Stairmill, bike (for interval sprinting) and a 12lb medicine ball for throw-ups and squats.

Maurice, PhD Student / Educator
Seattle, WA


I keep it simple: I need just need my Air Max, my Droid, and my Bluetooth headphones to keep the soundtrack for my workout going!

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