Steven Hayter’s Experience Eating Paleo

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We asked our readers and friends who have improved their diet and moved toward better health to tell us their stories. Steve Hayter dropped 46 pounds after adopting Paleo eating guidelines. Here’s what he had to say.

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Hey guys,

My paleo experience probably started about 6 years ago when one of my best mates started working out at a crossfit gym. I remember him trying to educate me about grain, sugar and dairy and what they did inside the body. Like some people, I wasn’t quite at that point where I was ready to receive it.

I returned from working in the Philippines for 3 months on 1 November 2010. I was overweight and justified it to myself that I would lose the weight when I got back to Australia. So upon return I got back into researching nutrition and exercise with the intent to reach my goal weight. I rediscovered paleo in the form of The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf and decided to go for it. I did the 30 days challenge with my girlfriend and I dropped 6kg in that 30 days which was great because I’d hit a plateau for about 3 weeks prior to that.

I’m now a paleo evangelist. I’m educating people who are interested and sometimes those who aren’t interested. I truly believe it’s the best way of eating for me at this point. I feel great as a result of my change of diet. I don’t get the cloudy head that I used to get after eating grains, I used to always suffer from some kind of sinus infection and sore throat in the morning, and my body is much more alkaline.

All the best 🙂
Steven Hayter

Instagram: chillovacoffee

Starting weight: 96kg (212 lb)
Goal weight: 81kg (179 lb) (The lightest I’d ever been. I was 18 at the time)
Current weight: 75kg (165 lb)

Before and After

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