Guess Who’s Bizzak!!!!??? Zuzana Reemerges. Fat Shakes in Fear!

January 21, 2012 |  by  |  Celebrity Fitness

The internet’s #1 fitness muse, Zuzana Light, has returned!!!

After a much rumored hiatus and a rumored break-up with her husband and other half of BODYROCK TV, the home workout queen of youtube had been suddenly replaced on the site and dearly missed by millions of faithful fans.

With no announcement, or fanfare the Czech Republic’s most popular export burst back on the scene with her own youtube channel, Zuzana Light, increased production value, and a new coined term; the ZWOD for Zuzana’s Workout of the Day (shout out to crossfitters nationwide).

Zuzana’s 12-minute body weight (or sandbag added) workouts are part of the fabric of the internet and of modern times. She is a true youtube sensation, someone who literally started out in her own basement and video-by-video gained the attention of millions.

In her absence bodyrock showcased a couple other girls, and a guy (who looked pretty funny working out with a hot pink sandbag and a stretch plaid shirt. Given their recent move to Los Angeles from Canada one can’t help but wonder if the corporate monster sunk its claws in the brand, causing addition stress which lead to the changes. Regardless, I’m happy to see Zuzana doing what she appears to LOVE doing.

After all, that’s what THIS site is all about… Happiness, longer.

AlumniWellness. #Push!

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  1. BEST NEWS E-VERRRRRR!! <3 love her.

  2. OMG!!! I didn’t know she was back…ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Going to youtube right now! Thanks for publishing this article!

  3. She was a porn start before

  4. She still does porn under Susana Spears. Amazing workouts none the less. I think she’d be great at CrossFit.

  5. She’s so awesome, i couldnt be happier.

  6. I missed you so much suzana! you are my work out inspiration! glad your back keep it running girl you got it and you are the star!

  7. This is the best news EVER! I stopped BR’ing because, well, no one compares to Zuzana! PLEASPLEASEPLEASE continue to grow your own brand. The people who were getting in shape with you, did it because it was WITH YOU! Good Luck!

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  9. I am thrilled…I stopped watching the BR channel and I do not even miss it. I grew weary of Freddie’s crotch shots technique a LONG time ago anyway. Best wishes to Zuzana!

  10. She looks like a man. And when i say that, I mean, I would say that if I was an insecure guy who was threatened by the idea that a woman can have muscle and look awesome. So what I really mean to say is, she looks awesome.

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