“A” is For Association: Find Other Crazy People Like You

February 16, 2012 |  by  |  The Basics

Do you want a better body? How about a long healthy life disease and prescription drug free? You can have it but depending on your daily habits and family views on food and exercise it may take significant lifestyle change.

If you decide it’s worth some sacrifice and discomfort now in exchange for those 6-pack abs or an additional 20 years with the family you’ll likely be soon doing things that some of your close friends call crazy.

Now I’m not saying that you’ll be swinging from a rope in a Wile. E. Coyote like setting in Utah in order to get in shape (though it would be cool if you’re into it). The people in this video have two amazing things in common; they found something they love to do, and they found other people with the same passion to join them. It comes across in every scream and smile in the video.

The same will be the case with you when you start doing “crazy” things like going for hikes when the car works perfectly fine, or stopping your meal when you are satisfied as opposed to when you’re full, or maybe even doing strange dances in public.

Once you start surrounding yourself with like minded “crazy” people you’ll start to find real joy in all that work and sacrifice.

Send us a picture when you find them.

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