Interview: Actor Idris Elba’s Diet and Workout

February 14, 2012 |  by  |  Celebrity Fitness

Alumni Wellness spoke with actor Idris Elba while promoting his upcoming movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance which releases in the US this Friday.

We asked the former star of HBO’s “The Wire” how he stays in shape:

When we see you, you always seem to be in great shape. Can you describe what your diet or workout regime is like?

I don’t work out much. I should! When I was working on this film that I am doing now, I trained for it. I don’t keep up as much as I can because of the time restraints. But when I do I train as a kick-boxer and Muay-Thai, which is something I have been doing since I was around 25. Never did professional fighting but I am pretty good at it, and it keeps me in shape. But to be honest I run around so much that the basic physicality in getting from A to B keeps me pretty trim.

How about your diet, do you eat any particular way?

I tend to try to have a really good breakfast, oatmeal, eggs, because that’s the first meal of the day and it sets you off. And then I try not to eat too much for lunch, and then just a nice square meal.

Read the entire interview here…

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