Muriel Tried Our Curry Chicken Recipe and LOVED it!

February 14, 2012 |  by  |  Healthy Eating, Your'e The Celebrity!
Muriel Tried Our Curry Chicken Recipe and LOVED it!

The one thing we love more than posting absolutely brilliant recipes that we’ve mastered is when our fantastic friends USE them!

Muriel tried our curry chicken recipe recently and liked it so much she even ate the leftovers! 🙂

This past week I didn’t go to the gym, but I stayed on top of my diet. I did get cravings for pasta, pizza, and ice cream, but I survived it! Remember for your abdominal muscles to show, you must eat right!

Oh, did we mention that she’s smoking hot? Follow her on twitter at @murielmorena. Send us YOUR photo with something fantastic on your plate via email! Alumniwellness at gmail. Also submit your favorite healthy recipes here or in our forum.

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  1. For a girl to eat leftovers, it must taste pretty good! Leftovers also keep me from “picking” on something unhealthy while I’m preparing a healthy meal.

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