The Single Most Powerful Change You Can Make Toward Having More Fun in Relationships

March 12, 2012 |  by  |  Be Moore, Relationships

Bored with the same recycled date ideas? How would you like to DRASTICALLY improve the quality and your enjoyment of your nights and weekends out? Look no further, the answer is here. But FIRST, a little back story…

Kevin Costner is famously linked with several films, and perhaps MOST notably linked to the quote from Field of Dreams, “If you build it they will come.”

Though this makes for great movie lingo it requires revising for practical use. Regarding relationships I submit the following:

“When you DO it, they’ll already BE there.”

Perplexed? Let’s say you’re a mild mannered sales account manager during the day who has a closet penchant for dressing like characters from Star Wars. Chances are if you show up to the company picnic dressed as a Twi’lek Jedi you’ll attract staring creeps, thrill seekers, and (depending on the quality of your costume) be relegated to the client accounts who respond to phone sales calls only.

So how does a talented intergalactic sales Jedi like yourself avoid the glare of your colleagues, and get a decent date without tucking in her… tails? How do you expose your passionate hobby to would be suitors without becoming the novelty date?

Enter the 501st Legion, an organizations of THOUSANDS of Star Wars costuming enthusiasts all over the world. A little time in forum chatting, club meetings, and holiday parties could yield you the lead role in the production of your dreams. Even better, it would be the production of your partners dreams as well because you have the same interest! That’s really cool.

Finding like minded people will work too, even if your hobbies aren’t so extreme. Let’s say by some far stretch of the imagination that you really like toned bodies, sculpted shoulders, powerful thighs, and lean abs. Guess what, the people you’re looking for probably do too.

To maximize your your potential to build relationships with the best conversations EVER, try turning the contemporary model upside down. Rather than going out with old college buddies, co-workers and random introductions (which are all hit or miss) start out from a pool of people who share your passionate interests. There are countless events going on in every city that cater directly to something you love to do, so GET OUT AND DO IT!

Couple doing Yoga

When you’re surrounded by Wookies, Jedis, people who knit, scrapbookers, runners, crossfitters, cooks, yogis, gardeners, skydivers, or whatever it is that you’re passionate about, doing what they love to do, the conversations lean toward effortless. Workouts and cooking, base jumping, screen printing and intergalactic conquest replace happy hour, bowling and dinner dates. The pool is abundant and possibilities are endless.

Here are a couple of EASY resources to help you get started:
1. Chemistry has an activity based algorithm and is offering 3 months for the price of 1!
2. Living Social offers local activities as a deal of the day

Try something new and open up to a new world of friends. So what’s your passion?

PS: Check out this Google doodle form Valentines day. I think it really speaks to the topic. Kudos Google!

Photo Credit: Lululemon Athletica
Photo Credit: Anariazar-Rel

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  1. I like this. Been finding success in meeting people who like to do some of the same activities I like, especially physical activities.

  2. and the sister site that is about to launch, Howaboutwe for couples, are full of great dating ideas. Single people meet around an activity or interest. For example, “How about we go to the drive in movies” etc…. The sister site has dating ideas for couples that want to keep their relationship fresh and interesting. is another way to meet amazing people with similar interest. My boyfriend and I use as a resource for great dating ideas. We love it! And although I sound like an infomercial, I am not affiliated with these websites. Lol

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