I Just Got a Pair of New Balance Minimus!

April 10, 2012 |  by  |  Products

So this past weekend while driving through the city after lunch, I noticed a  New Balance store out the side of my eye and decided to bust a quick U-turn to check out their latest shoe, the MINIMUS. I had heard a little about them because Be bought a pair about a year ago and raved about them. While browsing Instagram a week ago, I saw Tito joined the team also, so it was only right that I at least tried them on. So once in the store, I noticed a large LCD monitor in the middle of the sales floor and a foot scanner. I told the salesman that I was interested in seeing some Minimus shoes but wanted him to check my size first, trying to hint that I wanted to try out that shiny do-hickey. He told me that it did not accurately check sizes but contrarily measured your arch and your stance to see where you shifted most of your weight while standing and walking. I said, “thats cool, I still want to try it” and he let me hop on.

He told me everything I knew but it was cool to see the digital readout of it. He told me that I have  a pronated stance, meaning that my feet tend to lean inwards when I step and that I have a very low arch. The program recommended some insoles to help balance my step. Afterwards, I placed my foot in the standard metal foot sizer and confirmed that I wore a size 12 shoe. I picked 2 different styles of the Minimus shoes, the Trail 20 and the Running 20. He brought them both out and I took turns walking around the store in both. the running version of the shoe definitely had more room in the forefront and it seemed that my foot was slipping from side to side; not a lot of support. The trial shoe felt like it gripped my foot more. After conversation with the salesman about my Vibram 5 Fingers and the differences in those 2 shoes as well as the different versions of the Minimus shoes, I decided on the Minimus Trail 20s. Fast forward to the first day in the gym. I quickly realized that I may have made a mistake today. I flashed back to when I tried the shoes on in the store. I had been wearing some business casual argyle socks that were obviously thinner that athletic socks. So when I slipped them on tonight, I was a bit worried as I could feel my toes pressing up against the front of the sneaker and was worried that it would be a very uncomfortable workout. I had a bit of confidence though because one thing that I remembered vividly was that New balance has a 30 day unconditional return policy. The salesman told me that I could wear and use them all I wanted and bring them back for anything from sizing to the color if I didnt like them and exchange them for another pair. I went through my regular workout routineand I must say, they were very comfortable and I quickly forgot about the snug fit; I think they actually gave me much needed support especially when doing squats tonight. Come to think about it, my Vibram 5 fingers have a snug fit as well; they both seem to hug your foot instead of leaving room for movement and shifting.

My Impression:

Comfort – Great: I notice the biggest difference when I am doing squats and calf raises. You will be able to feel your entire foot roll naturally as if you are bare-footed instead of the normal heel-toe movement in a normal pair of sneakers. Style – Great: When wearing my Vibram 5 Fingers, I tend to get stopped way too often for my comfort because they look “funny”. This is a great way to utilize the same technology but have them camouflaged so that they pass for regular gym sneakers until you get close. Fit – Good: You will definitely notice a tighter fit than regular sneakers, but try to embrace it for a day, or for that matter 29 days courtesy of New Balance then make the decision whether to go up a half size or not. Price – Reasonable: Most local stores are selling Minimus shoes between $99 – $109.00. However, NewBalance.com runs periodic sales and you can grab a pair now as low as $69.00. I purchased mine for $99.00 then got home and saw them online for $69.00. I immediately called the store and spoke to my salesman and he gave me a price adjustment via phone. I say you have nothing to lose, Give them a try for a week or two and if you like them, great, if you don’t, take them back. Catch you on the trails or in the produce aisle. -Russy

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