Rosa Acosta’s Ab Workout. Curves and Lean Abs on Deck! #HOT

April 2, 2012 |  by  |  Healthy Eating

Dominican bombshell Rosa Acosta has mastered having beautiful curves while maintaining a lean abs.

Anyone that has worked on revealing the often illusive abdominal muscle definition knows that it takes dedication to an active lifestyle and above all, great nutritional habits. That means This workout that Rosa recorded for you with trainer Mike T out in Hollywood WILL work for you but not in a vacuum.

This former ballerina turned bikini model knows what it takes to get and stay lean, and based on her photo stream on Instagram, she balances putting in the work and having major fun. Check out a few photos of her below.

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What are abdominal muscles?
Abdominals are more than just the muscles that wrap around your middle. Strong abs provide the balance that keeps a ballerina on her toes. They protect a kickboxer’s internal organs. Abs help yoginis do breathing exercises, and they support your lower back when you lift weights or lug books around in your backpack. Your abs are actually three different muscles with three different jobs. That means doing a variety of exercises will pay off in strong, healthy abs. Combine strength training with great nutrition to burn fat and build lean muscle. With a and you’ll soon have killer abs.

What do I use my abdominal muscles for?
The rectus abdominis muscles are found in the outermost part of your abdomen. They run down the front of your body from your rib cage to your pelvis. They help stabilize your body, support your spine, help you keep your balance and your back straight, and allow you to bend at the waist. You use them when you walk and run, and even when you breathe.

Your external and internal oblique muscles are found on the sides of your stomach. They define your waist. Your obliques are your “twister” muscles. They allow you to twist and turn at the waist. You use them when you pivot, play basketball, or swing a golf club.

Receive our expert’s advice on how to effectively burn excess body fat, become and AlumniWellness Insider by visiting

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  1. Sticking with the best workouts, you need to do is poduns training. The best ab training exercises aren’t the boring crunches and situps that you are used to doing. Remember, an ab exercise has to accomplish two points. Move your torso toward your hip or hip toward your torso AND supply resistance in this motion. Perform your abs like you perform every other muscle and also you will see fantastic results.

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