Russell Brand Interviews Physicist Dr. John Hagelin on Meditation

April 4, 2012 |  by  |  Healthy Eating

If you’re a reader of the site you know we are BIG on meditation. Yep, we’ve hosted classes, attended retreats and it’s practically a requirement to be on the team around here.

One of the tough parts about sharing health and wellness information is always being conscious of the line between sharing and preaching. Nobody wants to be told how their diet suck, or how stress is affecting their health, performance and looks. That’s why these videos are so good.

Juxtaposing the comedic energy of Russell Brand, who is also a meditator, and the scientific perspective of Dr. John Hagelin makes the message more palatable. What’s the message? Longer life, more productive days, less stress related holding of body fat, slowed aging, I mean it goes on and on because it’s ALL CONNECTED (maybe that’s the real message).

David Lynch and Russell Brand Raising Meditating

I’ve personally been meditating for going on 4 years now, and I can’t begin to tell you how absolutely necessary the practice becomes. In that way it’s very much like foam rolling, for those of you who may have incorporated that fantastic practice into your workout recovery. When you begin there is some discomfort, but the impact is so profound that when you don’t do it you will notice.

On a personal note I find the key benefits of my meditations to be increased rest, and increased clarity of thought and purpose. When I am clear on my purpose I can act definitively. That’s a big deal for anyone with a bucket list.

Give it a try. Contact Light Watkins by visiting, and schedule time to attend an introduction to the practice and to take his course. Be sure to tell him you read about him on AlumniWellness!

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