Alicia Bell Will Help You Cultivate Your Inner Athlete. And If you Resist, You May Want to Duck.

Alicia Bell, Elite Personal Trainer is based in Toronto, Canada who trains runners, and helps every day athletes to improve themselves. Though she has trained such notables as Lil Jon, Rashard Mccants (former NBA player) and Dwight Howard, it is her OWN athletic prowess that we find impressive. Alicia is a defensive back, with aspirations of becoming a running back with the Toronto Triumph in the Lingerie Football League.

We asked her a few questions about her business as a trainer and her “side gig”. Here’s what she had to say.

A few of her stats:
Bench – 135 lb
Squat – 235 lb
100m – 11.75 sec

What were your interests as a kid and how did you get started?

My interests as a child were anything sport and fitness related. I’m from a small village called Plaster Rock. It is located in New Brunswick, Canada. I had a huge love for track, basketball and soccer. Growing up I was an only child so I would shoot around, kick the soccer ball against a wall or do sprints up and down the field alone. I was always motivated to do better and at night you could find me doing squats and pushups in my bedroom lol!

I got my BSc in Kinesiology from Dalhousie University. They are famous for their Health Sciences and have smaller class so there is more attention to the students. They also have the best track and field program on the east coast which drew me to compete for them. Train with the best to be the best.

As a trainer, who are your target clients, and what are they looking for?

My clients are people desiring to better themselves. I want everyone to find their athlete within. Even if you have never been an athlete you can train like one. Most of my clients find out about me through my website or social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, or instagram. I also get a lot of clients by word of mouth.

Can you give us a particular client success story?

I once trained a client for a few years. He was motivated by the death of his father and wanted to give back to the charity that helps with the same disease his father died from. So together we made a goal to run 100km for the charity. He trained hard with me 3-4x a week while running on his own and lost over 40lbs of excess body weight. He has been living a healthy active lifestyle ever since.

So what is a day in this life for you look like in terms of training? What’s your favorite workout?

I love every part of training. Nothing can beat training outdoors on the track. Short sprints are my favourite because I am from a sprinting background. In the gym I love cardio strength circuits and HIIT training. Here’s an example:

Part 1
A. Back squats: 2 x 2-3 rep at 90% 1RM
– Rest 3-4 minutes
B. Depth jumps: 2 x 10
– Rest 3-4 minutes
– – Repeat complex
– – Rest 8-10 minutes

Part 2
A. Back squats: 2 x 2-3 repetitions at 90% 1RM
– – Rest 3-4 minutes
B. Standing long jump sequence. 2 x 6 repetitions
– Rest 3-4 minutes
– – Repeat complex
– – Rest 8-10 minutes

Part 3
A. Medecine ball jumps: 2 x 10 jumps (10-35 pound KB)
– Rest 3-4 minutes
B. Standing long jumps: 2 x 6 repetitions
– Rest 3-4 minutes
– – Repeat complex
– – Rest 8-10 minutes following completion of complex

Part 4
• A. Back squats: 1 x 2-3 repetitions at 90% 1RM
– Rest 4-6 minutes
• B. Back squats: 2 x 6-8 repetitions at 30% 1RM
– Rest 3-4 minutes
• C. Alternate leg bounds (5 jumps off each leg) 2 x 5 repetitions
– Rest 1 minute between repetitions
– – Rest 3-4 minutes between sets
• D. Acceleration sprints: 3-4 x 50-60 meters
– – Rest 10-15 seconds between sprints

And what is a day of eating like for you?

  • WAKE UP – 1 Litre of Water, Multi Vitamin, Omega 3s
  • BREAKFAST: Oatmeal or 2 eggs, handful of almonds
  • SNACK: Rivalus protein 2 scoops with 1/2 cup of almond milk and fruit of choice, flax
  • LUNCH: Chicken and spinach salad
  • SNACK: 2 oz chicken, apple, or few avocado slices
  • DINNER: Grilled salmon, roasted green beans, side spinach salad
  • BED: ZMA supplement

What is on your “ath-ah-letic” (Barkley) goals list for 2012?

My goals for 2012 is to make my Lingerie Football League team (Toronto Triumph) again because no spot is guaranteed. I also want to do a figure competition before the year is done.

My dream gig that I have yet to take is one that includes becoming a trainer for a music artist on a world tour. That would be amazing… travelling the world, going city to city and getting paid to workout.

What is a typical weekend like for you?

A typical weekend for me if I don’t have an Lingerie Football League game it involves traveling to the US to visit my friends, a lot of whom are professional athletes, musicians or actors. I love to travel and if I can get away even if it is for a day I will go. If I have an LFL game it usually involves a lot of preparation as we have to be at the field usually by noon and we are there till the evening when the game starts. Its a long day. The next day I will use for recovery which means ice, compression, epsom salt baths etc.

I asked Alicia for one of her favorite motivational quotes. She gave me this one.

Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new center if gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a different way to stand. -Oprah Winfrey

Find Alicia online at

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