Yogi, Lifestyle Coach, and Playboy Cover Model Amy Lynn Grover Tell us How She Stays in Such Great Shape

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Incredibly active. In shape. Strong. Vibrant. These are the adjectives that come to my mind to describe model and yogi Amy Lynn Grover. She’s officially the first Playboy cover model to grace the pages of AlumniWellness. Gotta love that.

Amy Lynn Grover! Tell the people what you do!

I do it all… I think of myself as a human science experiment.

Everything I write about, talk about and tell my clients to do—I’ve researched in depth, tried or experienced. I’m from Toronto Canada, and I’ve been resting in the West for just over 3 years now, based in West Hollywood and loving it.

What were your interests as a kid?

I’ve always had an appreciation for both the arts and athletics, I was a super active kid. I danced competitively, figure skated, gymnastics, I played outside, loved swimming and into playing all kinds of sports (volleyball, basketball, T-ball and baseball, track & field, cross country, swim team) and loved hitting the slopes.

In school what did you study, and what drew you to it?

I studied Marketing and business in college, I was always drawn the art of the deal, connecting with people and making things happen. I studied Personal Training with National Academy of Sports Medicine and Yoga 300YRT at The White Lotus Foundation — I’m obviously drawn health and fitness ☺

Anything is possible when you have your health, but when you don’t nothing else matters… I don’t do fitness plans, I do life fabulously!

In your training business, who is your target client, and what are they looking for?

All my clients are the same, I’d say the majority of them start programs to “lose weight”, however I don’t do programs, its all about the lifestyle (inclusive of mind & body and everything involved in the day to day). When we change the mind the entire life changes. It’s not hard to follow; it’s just about loving yourself enough to do something about you—take the time, spend the energy and dedicate yourself, it comes back tenfold. It’s something all my clients learn they don’t want to live without.

When we change the mind the entire life changes.

You look like you’re in great shape. When you’re working out just for you, what do you like to do?

Right now I’m obsessed with indoor cycling (I spin about 3-5x per week), I love playing outdoors, especially hiking in the canyons and of course yoga is my go to because it works every part of my body (I go to class, practice at home and of course I teach it all the time). Between the yoga and spinning I never do crunches, they do it all for me!

No workout, spin or yoga class is ever the same, I mix it up every time to keep the body confused and therefor it resists plateauing (when the body is working to a point of discomfort, it’s working in the magical sweet spot where the change happens).

Can you give us an idea of a typical day’s meals are like for you?

I eat very Paleo-like, very little fruit, no dairy, no grains, nothing processed or fried… What I eat depends on the day, I’ve been on the go a lot so I’ve been eating smaller meals more often. When I don’t have time to chew I drink my own protein concoctions filled with super-foods and nutrient dense goodness; I also drink a lot of cold pressed juices and kombucha (fermented tea) throughout the day. When I have time to sit down (usually lunch and/or dinner), I eat proteins (fish, chicken, filet mignon) with good fats (nuts, seeds, oils, avocado) and greens (all sorts, either salad or steamed). I stay away from dairy, grains and fruit.

Morning: Cold pressed Green Juice


  • Superfood Shake: (Vanilla Rivalus protein, hemp seeds, Maca, spirulina, chlorella. Barley, chia seeds, raw young coconut meat or avocado, cinnamon, lucuma powder, Matcha green tea powder, Tocos Plus Vitamin E, to name a few of the ingredients).
  • Eggs: (½ cup egg whites, ½ avocado, 3 TBSPs of salsa).

Snacks: My own trail mixture of nuts, seeds, and some dried fruit. Think Thin protein bars, seed bars, cold pressed juices.

Lunch and dinner are similar: I have either fish, chicken or beef grilled or baked with greens (kale salad) and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, oils etc) or another protein shake similar to breakfast but I’ll change up the recipe to something different.

Do you have any fitness goals for 2012?

I feel pretty good where I’m at right now in life and in my body, actually… I feel amazing. I’m not complacent, in fact I’m always in search of learning, growing, and challenging myself – but that has nothing to do discontentment. I care for myself and lead a healthy moderate lifestyle in order to I maintain, I don’t do the yo-yo dieting crap with my weight. As much as I am competitive, I’m not into taking score or counting how much I weigh, flexible or how strong I am and especially not things like counting calories. I generally go by feeling; if I’m depleted I replenish, if I’m sore I rest, if I’m hungry I eat, and if I’m tired I go to bed. In the past I’ve felt insecure about my weight and had poor body image from growing up as a dancer and then modeling for so many years, I’d become very critical of myself–however I’ve put all that in the past. There is no other way to live, than to feel confident and happy within your body all the time.

My personal fitness goals are really just to maintain and enjoy living my great healthy life. Although, larger than that my goal is to share this incredible energy and excitement I have for fitness, yoga, nutrition and wellness across the board to who ever is listening, there is really no demographic on this type of “feeling”. It is my belief that everyone is capable of creating a life worth living in their own body, which is also a great place to start a fine foundation for confidence and ability to soar and succeed in the world. The Amy Lynn Grover brand is here to spread relatable, real life, useful information. I want people to see and experience what really living and breathing this feeling (lifestyle) is all about.
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Amy Lynn promotes living a healthy sustainable life with information, tips and tricks, and the motivation people need to get going with their life in all arenas including Yoga, fitness, nutrition, fashion, beauty and positive life hacks. Find out more about her at www.AmyLynnGrover.com

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