5 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Sit Down and Finish Their Vegetables

May 22, 2012 |  by  |  Be Moore, Healthy Eating

How many of us have memories of being stranded at the dinner table as kids, made to suffer over cold everlasting gobstopper-like brussell sprouts? “You’ll sit there until they’re done!” was the declaration in my house.

Now as we become parents we may find ourselves finding out that our parents weren’t just being cruel (or maybe they were) as we balance between the horror of that memory, and our desire to raise healthy kids.

Or perhaps you’ve gone the other way, allowing your inner child to win, living out that promise you made at the dinner table “I’ll NEVER do this to my child when i grow up…”

In either case it’s important you know WHY the kids should be eating veggies and what it means for YOU as a parent. So here are our 5 reasons your kids need to finish their veggies:

  • Satisfy their hunger… longer: How many times have you fed your kids, and before you can get comfortable they are walking up to you looking for more food? They are bottomless pits! You can however keep them satisfied longer including vegetables in their meals. The skins and stalky portions of vegetables and fruits are typically indigestible by humans. These parts are what we call dietary fiber, and it takes longer for your body to process then sugar, breads etc.
  • Make them smarter: Studies show that kids who eat more vegetables have higher IQs later in life. A study recently published in the UK suggests that fatty, sugary, and processed foods (read EVERYTHING fast food) may lower children’s IQs. Conversely a diet that is rich in nutrients and vitamins may have the opposite effect.
  • Keep it steady!: Vegetables digest slower than sugary snacks which means those bursts of energy and crashes that many kids face (and parents suffer) will occur less, the more snacks are replaced with natural goodies.
  • Someone to take care of you: Diets high in veggies provide high amounts of certain vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and fatty acids. Than means less cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes for the little ones leaving them able to come by and visit Nana longer.
  • Great for the Environment: Yeah, this may be a bit of a longer term concern, but what about their kids? Today’s animal farming processes can play a role in greenhouse gas generation, waste production and fresh water consumption. Eating more veggies will help them leave something behind nice for their kids.

That’s a start! Now on the kids behalf let me see what I can do about getting you to prepare veggies that taste better than your mom’s did. Check out the recipes we’ve posted that include delicious and kid friendly veggies.

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    I was the weirs kid that liked veggies. Except okra.

  2. So you’re a pro then! How is that playing out today?

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