5 Songs to Get Your Lazy Butt Motivated Now!

October 1, 2012 |  by  |  Ask the Experts, Be Moore

Picture this.

It’s a Tuesday evening, Monday was crazy at work and the weekend was long.

You have to make dinner tonight and help the kids with homework, or reorder the TPS reports later but right now it’s workout time. Unfortunately you’ve committed the cardinal sin of sitting on the couch in that same seat where you watched Oprah’s Next Chapter last night, and wouldn’t you know it the chenille blanket you had is still here. Uh oh. Gravity is getting thick.

You HAVE to turn the tide in your favor. When I find myself in tis situation I recruit the big gun… MUSIC.

Here are a few of my personal go to songs and when I use them.

-Coach Be

The moment I realize that gravity has me

Getting started beating complacency requires a gentle hand. It’s super easy to blow off “Rah-Rah” energy when I’m trying to relax. If the initial hit is too strong it may not work, so I keep the smooth sounds of the great Billy Ocean on standby. The tone is smooth, but the message is just right. PS: Who doesn’t love “The Jewel of the Nile”, it’s a CLASSIC!

Number 2: “THE song to play while getting dressed”>>>

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