Shaping Your Environment for Success

November 7, 2012 |  by  |  Be Moore, The Basics

Have you ever tried to lose weight, size, or make other significant changes in your life only to have your efforts trumped by the hazards of your regular life?

Sure you have. We ALL have! What did you think you were an exception?

We all face similar problems when it comes to facing and beating distractions, old habits, outside influences etc. They always seem to increase when we’re trying to do something positive too!

So how do we beat it and increase our chances of success? The answer is in this presentation; a live recording of my counseling session today with my favorite performance nutrition clients, the Rutgers University Women’s Soccer team, who are headed to the NCAA tournament this week.

Take a listen, and maybe a few notes while you’re at it.

>>>Download the audio via this link or press play below.

-Coach Be

PS: Here are THREE ways YOU can shape YOUR environment NOW to help you achieve greater fat loss (if that’s our goal).

  1. Immediately move your scale somewhere out of daily sight. If you have a basement that’s a great option, or perhaps the top of a closet. Visit the scale a maximum of once per week, preferably at the same time of day each time. Track your weight along with your other relevant body measurements as a check of your behavior. Are you doing what you’re supposed to be doing or fooling yourself?
  2. Pack up, yes I mean literally box up, your large dinner plates. Replace them with your salad plates and while you’re at it go ahead and box up the large dinner forks. Evidence shows that you’ll end up eating less even if you get up and refill the smaller plate.
  3. If you have trouble working out in the morning, try sleeping in your gym clothes until you get in the habit. Yes it may cramp you *social agenda*, but its only temporary. Soon you’ll be just laying out your clothes at night for the next morning. Progress.

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