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Why “Eating Clean” Is NOT Enough

January 2, 2013 |  by  |  Be Moore, Healthy Eating  |  1 Comment

This is an actual recurring conversation, I hear this ALL the time. This version of it happened about two weeks ago at the juice bar in one of the gyms I frequent so it’s just the latest example. Youre going to learn TWO key lessons here:

Coach Be: So, what are you trying to do?

Mike: Well, I’m trying to get more lean. Get rid of this belly fat and uncover my abs.

Coach Be: OK. No problem. So What’s the issue?

Mike: Look, I work out regularly, and I’m GOOD on the diet. I mean I eat REALLY clean.

Coach Be: Oh… Ok. So, wait. How many servings of veggies do you get in?

Mike: Oh I’m good. I mean I eat vegetable REGULARLY.

Coach Be: Ok, so tell me how much?

Mike: DAILY! Like I said, I eat CLEAN! Like a serving every day!

Coach Be: … I see. One a day. more Post a comment (1)