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“I thank my friend and nutrition coach, Be Moore, for helping me get on track with my eating. I have learned a lot from him these past 6 months. Be breaks it down very simply and makes you AWARE of what you are putting into your body and helps you form healthier habits. It’s not about diets or cleanses.

Thanks Be! You helped inspire and motivate me this whole time and I THANK YOU. You are an amazing coach and friend. A true motivator and leader in your field. Together, we get ish’ done!! Thank you.”
Amanda, NY, NY

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“I recently hit a plateau with my health/fitness goals. I had reached my ideal body weight, but wasn’t seeing the muscle definition I had imagined. I was 2 months out from my next photo-shoot. I knew I needed to reach out and ask for guidance from a professional to help me meet my goals.

I shared my goals with Coach Be and he came up with a game plan that would help me ultimately reach my target. We switched up my macros and training routine. Within the first week, I noticed a significant change in my body and performance. My body was adapting well to the new changes. I felt much stronger with my lifting and I noticed my muscles were popping out more.

Coach Be’s professionalism is outstanding! He was always quick to respond to my concerns and questions. His expertise and knowledge with nutrition is extremely impressive. I highly recommend his service.”

Angela, Overland Park, KS

“I asked Coach Be, “How do I become fit?” His answer was above and beyond my expectations. He not only told me how, he was able to make me understand the root of why I wasn’t currently in proper health. Under his tutelage, I was able to give up the mindset of an unhealthy person and make changes to yield optimal results. I exceeded my goals and now have a road map for being fit for life. Thank you Coach!”
Alfonso, Washington, DC

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“Working with the principals thought by Coach Be and his team, I am now in the best shape of my life.  I have more energy, my abs are rock hard and my mindset has changed completely.  I feel and look like a mini action figure.  I never thought this would be possible.

Which guy does not want to look ripped at 40+ years?  Trust me when I say I am no longer self concious going to a pool party or taking a quick run in the neighborhood with no shirt on.  Did I mention that looking great comes with benefits from your significant other?  My wife is always touching my abs or biceps and saying how great I look.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think my body could look like a cover model.   If you do what Coach Be tells you to do, then you will be in the best shape of your life.  Period.”

Andre, Potomac, MD

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“Coach Be has been an intricate factor to my success in fitness and can be accredited to helping me sculpt my body for the 2012 Lingerie Football League season. He is very professional and timely with his advice and response times. I recommend his services to my most valued friends, clients and teammates.

Coach Be has an amazing energy, savvy, and an in-depth knowledge of his craft. You’ll find that the best professionals have the ability to take the complex science and psychology that goes into transforming someone’s life and make those concepts completely approachable.  This is Be’s gift in a nutshell.

As a trainer of high-level athletes and people looking to make drastic improvements in their physique and performance, I have no reservations in highly recommending his service.  His nutritional knowledge and ability to effectively deliver it are skills that makes him invaluable.”
Alicia Bell, Trainer, Athlete, Toronto, Canada

“I struggled with workout and diet motivation for years. I was, like many, in the mindset of “dieting” instead of changing my lifestyle.
When you hear that at first, your natural inclination is to resist change and defend yourself, saying that you don’t want to lose yourself and start eating bark and grass.
Coach Be made simple changes in my life that started with just documenting everything I put in my mouth for a week. I tell you, I could no longer defend myself or my ways after I read the nonsense I was eating and drinking at all times of the day.
He challenged me daily though a set of attainable goals that we both managed online.
By the time Summer rolled around, I was 15 pounds lighter, dropped 5% body fat and most importantly, I felt GREAT and didn’t feel like I lost myself and what made me happy at the dinner table.
I sincerely recommend Coach Be as a Nutrition Coach and/or Trainer to get your life back to homeostasis.”
RR, Atlanta, GA

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“I was lucky enough to be asked in my cousin’s wedding and without hesitation I said yes. Little did I know what I was signing myself up for. I couldn’t go dress shopping with all the other bridesmaids and when I went a week later to the bridal shop I discover a dress made for girls that had nothing to hide and could fit into a size 0 with no problem at all. I told myself I was not going to panic I still had 6 months before the wedding and I will be fine. After many celebrations and holiday meals I was starting to panic. The month before the wedding I decided to hit the gym hard. I loved to workout so this won’t be a problem until it was two weeks before and nothing changed how I felt or looked in the dress. Then panic set in and I was at an all time high.

I contacted Coach Be, told him the story, and he told me he could help. He sat down with me and went over my eating habits. He changed my life from that day forward. I realized everything I thought I knew what was healthy was actually all wrong. He gave me a plan and changed my eating habits (I was actually eating more with Be) and put me in the right mind set to be successful. Be was the total package: A great coach who taught me well and a great motivator who continuously supported me throughout the process. He Answered all my questions and always checked in on me just to see how I was feeling and how things were going. His encouragement kept me going and I didn’t want to fail because of his hard work and dedication to my success!

It was finally here, the day of the wedding and it was time to put the dress on. I couldn’t believe how well it fit! It zipped up with no problems and I felt great and confident in it. Everyone asked me what was my secret and all I could think of was Coach Be! His passion and dedication helped me feel this confident the day of the wedding!” –Meghan, Edison, NJ

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“I’ve been a personal trainer for 20 years. As I’m based in Los Angeles and my clientele are in the entertainment industry, I am often on travel or working long hours to accommodate their schedules. As a result, my diet and sleep often suffer and though I’m VERY active, my results don’t come as easy due to the lifestyle demands.

At age 42 I normally walk around with what most would consider a good body. Since adopting the eating and lifestyle principles (rest, nutrient timing, accountability and other daily habits) as prescribed by Coach Be I am legitimately impressed with the change in my body. I’ve dropped over 13 pounds, feel great, and I bet I could pass for 25 [years old].

I highly recommend his coaching program. It is personal, adaptive, and if followed, will definitely bring results.” –Scott, Los Angeles, CA

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“My lifestyle was eating whole grain and counting my calorie intake during the week and splurge eat in the weekends. I tried every single diet known to mankind. From the South Beach diet to even popping diet pills doctors would prescribe me. Sure I’d lose weight but then gain it (plus more) right back in no time.

Since I’ve adopted healthier habits the results I was looking for are here to stay! I’ve lost 43 pounds!

Being able to call on Coach Be for nutritional guidance is wonderful. There is no more guess work to my diet. His explanations of the dietary “dos and don’ts” allow me to make better decisions based on simple ideas.” –Amarys, Miami, FL

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“Last year when I came back from the Bahamas, I started showing pictures and noticed I was “pregnant.” NOT A GOOD LOOK! As a busy executive, my time is limited, but I knew it was time for a change – not just getting back in shape, but a lifestyle change. So I call Coach Be and he gave me a plan that started slow – in changing how, when & what I eat.

I have been working out off-and-on all my life, but at 36, I am in the best shape of my life – thanks to Coach Be! His expertise in nutrition has extremely complimented my fitness routines and proved to be effective. Since working with Coach Be I’ve lost 25 Lbs since the beginning of the year, I’ve dropped down 4 inches on my waist and my body fat was 20% and is now 15%.

If you need passion and dedication, I highly recommend Coach Be – He’s the Bestest! Look at my physique now!!!!!!”
Maxwell P., Washington, DC