Diet Challenges

Each week we post a different diet challenge. Here you will find a more in depth explanation as to why each of the challenges is important and how, incorporated into your daily routine, they can help you achieve a healthy body and live a healthy lifestyle.

Eat Your Veggies: Incorporate at least 5 fruits and vegetables into your daily menu
Veggies and fruits are nutritional powerhouses, contain vital nutrients and antioxidants, and are the foundation of every high-quality, health-promoting diet. If there were just one thing that would dramatically reduce your risk of chronic disease and help you shed fat, eating at least five servings of veggies per day would be it.

When people eat this way, it generally leads to:
consuming the right amount of food for your energy needs
satiation after meals
a stellar nutrient intake
lean muscle development
high energy levels
lower levels of body fat

Health-wise, eating higher levels of veggies and fruits are associated with a lower incidence of:
Cardiovascular disease
Colon, prostate, cervical, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, thyroid, and breast cancer
High blood cholesterol
High blood pressure
Type 2 diabetes
Osteoporosis and more

Drink Water: Try to drink at least 1 gallon of water per day
The body needs alot of water in order to maintain its daily functions efficiently. In addition, water helps to flush out harmful toxins, as well as prime the body for fat loss. And with over 70% of your muscle being made up of water, drinking adequate amounts of water helps to give your muscle that full, pumped look.

If your body isnt getting enough water, it does everything it can to hold on to the water it does have causing excess water weight or bloating. And the way to get rid of the excess water, believe it or not is to take in more water! This will rid you of that excess water weight that bloats you, begin to help your body run more efficiently and prepare your body for dropping excess body fat.

In addition, the body needs to heat up this water in order to be able to use it properly and doing so takes energy, or calories. So drink cold water! It doesn’t seem like much, but in addition to all of the other benefits of taking in enough water by drinking ice cold water, you can drop almost a full pound of fat each month or 12 pounds per year!

Without exception, when water intake increased, really positive things happen in your body.

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